I don’t remem­ber what was in that shot I got today, but it helped. Of course, it also knocked me out. The mus­cle spasms stopped for a bit, which would have allowed me to use my hands better—except that I was too loopy. As soon as I start­ed wak­ing up, the mus­cles start­ed tight­en­ing up again and my right hand start­ed get­ting weak and numb (the right side of my neck is worst). Even the vision in my right eye is some­what occluded. 

I def­i­nite­ly know that the neck mus­cles are the cause now. Not that I can make it stop, but it’s information.

I can’t make the micro­phone work on my PC, dammit. That makes it impos­si­ble to use voice-recog­ni­tion soft­ware. I’m actu­al­ly going to resort to call­ing the tech sup­port num­ber tomorrow.

Sam and I both received copies of Bud­get Liv­ing mag­a­zine in the mail today. I’m not impressed with either of them.

There’s some nice stuff in the Jes­si­ca Lon­don cat­a­log, though. And Sam def­i­nite­ly liked some of the lin­gerie in the Lane Bryant catalog.

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