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Well, the rest of my transfer credit finally showed up, so I am now 1 semester hour away from being a junior. Barring some sort of catastrophe, I’ll definitely have that by the end of this semester (I’m taking 12 hours now). That will make a $3000/academic year difference in student loans. Now I need to go talk to the financial aid office yet again. I’m almost afraid to do that because they might find a way to screw up the January aid disbursement. Hmmm…

So the migraine is still with me. Yes, it is. I think dealing with the FM on a daily basis has increased my pain tolerance, and I am functioning. Sorta. I mean, I probably should have had Sam drive me to school, to be honest—I will ask him to drive me anywhere I need to go if I still have the headache tomorrow. Visual things are a bit wonky.

I know I owe someone an email about some class thing…have I mentioned that I hate working in groups? I do. Partially because I don’t want my health bullshit to affect anybody else. It isn’t fair to them.

I did, however, get one assignment done today that I thought would be late, and turned it in for my graphics class.

The disability services office FINALLY got around to doing the letters to my professors that I started working on last semester. I’d ask her to go ahead and start the process for next semester, but I don’t think she’d take that very well.

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