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Well, the rest of my trans­fer cred­it final­ly showed up, so I am now 1 semes­ter hour away from being a junior. Bar­ring some sort of cat­a­stro­phe, I’ll def­i­nite­ly have that by the end of this semes­ter (I’m tak­ing 12 hours now). That will make a $3000/academic year dif­fer­ence in stu­dent loans. Now I need to go talk to the finan­cial aid office yet again. I’m almost afraid to do that because they might find a way to screw up the Jan­u­ary aid dis­burse­ment. Hmmm…

So the migraine is still with me. Yes, it is. I think deal­ing with the FM on a dai­ly basis has increased my pain tol­er­ance, and I am func­tion­ing. Sor­ta. I mean, I prob­a­bly should have had Sam dri­ve me to school, to be honest—I will ask him to dri­ve me any­where I need to go if I still have the headache tomor­row. Visu­al things are a bit wonky.

I know I owe some­one an email about some class thing…have I men­tioned that I hate work­ing in groups? I do. Par­tial­ly because I don’t want my health bull­shit to affect any­body else. It isn’t fair to them.

I did, how­ev­er, get one assign­ment done today that I thought would be late, and turned it in for my graph­ics class.

The dis­abil­i­ty ser­vices office FINALLY got around to doing the let­ters to my pro­fes­sors that I start­ed work­ing on last semes­ter. I’d ask her to go ahead and start the process for next semes­ter, but I don’t think she’d take that very well.

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