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I fin­ished The New Messies Man­u­al by San­dra Fel­ton recent­ly. It was very good, and I’d def­i­nite­ly rec­om­mend it over Fly­la­dy’s book. It isn’t con­de­scend­ing at all. There are a few men­tions of Chris­tian­i­ty in a very nat­ur­al way, sim­ply because Fel­ton is obvi­ous­ly a gen­uine Christian—but they weren’t intru­sive, offen­sive, or exclu­sive of those of us who aren’t Christians.

This week I final­ly got around to going by her web­site, http://www.messies.com/. I signed up for her newslet­ter, which has been inter­est­ing so far. 

I promise I won’t do this every day, but I want­ed to put these here so I’d see them again.

The Messies Anony­mous slo­gan is:
The secret to suc­cess is mak­ing very small, yet very con­sis­tent, changes.

Today’s quote, which I like, is:
Not every­thing you face can be changed, but every­thing you change must first be faced.

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