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Sam and all three kids are on the way to the airport to put R&G on their flight. There was a wee bit of panic when I realized that G had not taken her medication with her (despite having told me she had packed it—I should have just checked then). Happily, they were close enough, having just picked R up, to swing back by and get it.

I sent G off with a more appropriate carry-on bag—actually, the one given to me when I took a trip to Europe in high school—as well as a sketchpad and my colored pencils. I can certainly buy more art supplies, but she’d already packed all of hers and I didn’t want her to be sitting on a plane bored silly for four hours. Nor did I want R or the other passengers to experience her boredom 🙂 She also got an art book that has special meaning to her, Sam, and me.

I miss G already. She can be frustrating and high-maintenance, but she’s a sweet child and I don’t want her gone. The winter holidays seem very, very far away. I’m hoping we can afford for Sam to fly out to see the kids at some point before then.

I’m finding that I really don’t do well at all with to-do lists if I put any massive project on there, like “clean the office.” I need to break it down. I’m finding the office overwhelming right now, though, so I think I may go work on the guest room—that’s much easier. And if it’s the guest room instead of G’s room, I don’t feel broken up all over again every time I think about it.

I really need to get a bunch of smallish plastic containers for office supplies. I can’t spend money on that right now, but I don’t want to let myself get bogged down in waiting for stuff to use in organizing this space, either. There’s just so much STUFF!

This is, I think, one of those times when having a clutter buddy might help. But I’m private about my clutter—I find its very existence embarrassing. (sigh)

In any case, the kitchen, living room, dining room, master bedroom, and both bathrooms are clean. The laundry is all caught up. So the guest room, office, and Katie’s room are left, after which I’ll worry about organizing the storage area so that things are more easily accessible.

Yes, my back is better—I appreciate all the well-wishes. It still feels—fragile, for lack of a better term. I’m trying to be careful and rearranged some items on the to-do list to wait for Sam’s assistance. I won’t move anything heavy and won’t climb up on any ladders.

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