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Sam and all three kids are on the way to the air­port to put R&G on their flight. There was a wee bit of pan­ic when I real­ized that G had not tak­en her med­ica­tion with her (despite hav­ing told me she had packed it—I should have just checked then). Hap­pi­ly, they were close enough, hav­ing just picked R up, to swing back by and get it.

I sent G off with a more appro­pri­ate car­ry-on bag—actually, the one giv­en to me when I took a trip to Europe in high school—as well as a sketch­pad and my col­ored pen­cils. I can cer­tain­ly buy more art sup­plies, but she’d already packed all of hers and I did­n’t want her to be sit­ting on a plane bored sil­ly for four hours. Nor did I want R or the oth­er pas­sen­gers to expe­ri­ence her bore­dom 🙂 She also got an art book that has spe­cial mean­ing to her, Sam, and me.

I miss G already. She can be frus­trat­ing and high-main­te­nance, but she’s a sweet child and I don’t want her gone. The win­ter hol­i­days seem very, very far away. I’m hop­ing we can afford for Sam to fly out to see the kids at some point before then.

I’m find­ing that I real­ly don’t do well at all with to-do lists if I put any mas­sive project on there, like “clean the office.” I need to break it down. I’m find­ing the office over­whelm­ing right now, though, so I think I may go work on the guest room—that’s much eas­i­er. And if it’s the guest room instead of G’s room, I don’t feel bro­ken up all over again every time I think about it.

I real­ly need to get a bunch of small­ish plas­tic con­tain­ers for office sup­plies. I can’t spend mon­ey on that right now, but I don’t want to let myself get bogged down in wait­ing for stuff to use in orga­niz­ing this space, either. There’s just so much STUFF!

This is, I think, one of those times when hav­ing a clut­ter bud­dy might help. But I’m pri­vate about my clutter—I find its very exis­tence embar­rass­ing. (sigh)

In any case, the kitchen, liv­ing room, din­ing room, mas­ter bed­room, and both bath­rooms are clean. The laun­dry is all caught up. So the guest room, office, and Katie’s room are left, after which I’ll wor­ry about orga­niz­ing the stor­age area so that things are more eas­i­ly accessible.

Yes, my back is better—I appre­ci­ate all the well-wish­es. It still feels—fragile, for lack of a bet­ter term. I’m try­ing to be care­ful and rearranged some items on the to-do list to wait for Sam’s assis­tance. I won’t move any­thing heavy and won’t climb up on any ladders.

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