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How can you not love Mark Morford’s columns? And why isn’t there an RSS feed on LJ so I can read them here?

It is, quite simply, a stunning and rather unexpected victory for the spirit, for the heart, for the body, for the very notion that we as a humble and chaotic and distressed species can actually progress almost despite ourselves, despite a famously oppressive and uptight leadership, despite reams of deceit and war and John Ashcroft’s sad nipple fetish.

This is a crazed wildflower bursting through a concrete sidewalk. This is a breath of fresh air after smoking four packs of toxic disinformation a day for the past three years. This is the unexpected royal flush when all you’ve been dealt to date are jokers and suicide kings.


And this is how you know. When those whose sole agenda is to promote the tyranny of fear and violently misinterpret the Bible for their own acidic agenda are themselves horrified and running scared, there has been a gorgeous breakthrough.

Maybe it’s this. Maybe this case signifies the deeper acknowledgment of our purpose on the planet, the subtle realization that God, that the divine, is not, in fact, separate from the flesh, is not something to be dreaded and guilted by and wielded like a bloody sanctimonious sword by born-again presidents and sexless attorney generals and snickering foreign despots.

In other words, maybe this is not, as the GOP so desperately wants everyone to believe, about icky “deviant” sex and unholy gay marriage and blasphemous anal-sex toys at all. Maybe the change is about the potency of love. About the natural explorations of love in nature, of human relationships and the freedom to explore and let love penetrate our lives and make the divine into something we can touch, taste, slide into and, ultimately, incarnate.

Oh my heavens. No wonder the conservative Right is aghast and atwitter. No wonder the Death Star is panicky and sweaty and flagellating itself. Because the divine is winking in our general direction. And, this time, it looks like we just might wink back.

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