Painful or Dopey are My Choices

Hmph. I can be in pain, or I can be a little dopey. I’m not happy about these choices. I let the Ultracet get all the way out of my system yesterday, and it was A Mistake. I’m still making up for it—I’m much stiffer than I was before. No, I didn’t stop taking the Celebrex! And I took another Ultracet last night, and one this morning.

But I’m going to be out of the Ultracet well before I can see my doctor. I guess I could go back to the urgent care place, but I’m afraid they won’t want to give me anymore. Doctors don’t like to encourage anyone who might be an addict trying to get a fix.

I got an appointment about Medicaid. Of course, it’s during one of my classes. I’ll try calling to change it tomorrow morning.

We’re staying home this weekend and doing stuff here. That’s pretty much it. And there’s more than a weekend’s worth of stuff to do.

Today’s major victory: Sam found the tea kettle! Yay!

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