Staged Move

So we’re doing a “staged move” as a dear friend calls it. We need help with pack­ing. We haven’t got­ten near­ly enough done due to the con­flu­ence of school weird­ness, ill­ness, and trans­porta­tion problems.

Any­body who can help move what­ev­er we can with­out hav­ing a big truck this week­end, we’d appre­ci­ate the help. Those with access to trucks would be espe­cial­ly appre­ci­at­ed 🙂 We have access to a very small pick­up truck, but that’s it.

We also need more box­es. If you have box­es, please let us know!

We plan to try to get as much as pos­si­ble moved with­out rent­ing a truck. If we can avoid truck rental, that would be Very Good for the budget—especially with con­sid­er­ing the finan­cial aid sna­fu. If we just get things to where we could do with a small­er truck than planned, that would be good, too.

Any­thing that we can live with­out for a bit can be moved this week­end and over the next week. I’m find­ing that there real­ly isn’t that much that we could­n’t live with­out for a brief time.

The piano is still a con­cern. I have no idea where we’re going to put it in the apart­ment, but it can’t go into a stor­age warehouse.

Thank you!

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