Sunday at the TechnoZoo

I’m very annoyed. I got up to 25 or so on the “100 things about me” post, and now it’s gone. I was saving it with Semagic, and the file is gone! Grrr!

I’m typing over Shelley. She’s not feeling well today, and wants to lay on the desk between me and the keyboard. Her ears feel warm, so I think she’s feverish. She’s definitely wanting a lot more attention than usual today. I’m only too glad to give it to her. I don’t want to lose my sweetest kitty ever, but with her age and the FIV I count every day as a gift.

goddessinga is ensconced on the loveseat. G is giving her a pedicure 🙂 We’re all going to paint our toenails and try to get some pictures of our footsies to post in beautifulcurves since it seems to be quite the thing lately. G is determined that she must find blue nail polish for her own nails—no other color will do.

The Alice visit last night was lovely, as usual. She was tired and stiff from wrestling a 200-lb. auger around her property yesterday, digging holes for the foundation pilings for her pottery studio. I introduced her to the glories of the heating pad, and we all pretty much enjoyed lounging about on the couch and chatting amiably. She’s such a comfortable person. We enjoyed the roast beast sambear served up for us, then took shadowkatt to my parents’ house for a visit.

Some of Mom’s extended family are visiting my parents. Alice didn’t feel like going in, and honestly, I was grateful for the excuse for not staying long. In about 5 minutes, I met the new man in my cousin’s life, was told that my haircut was good but that my aunt would teach me how to use the round brush if I’d stay a bit for her to do so (her way of telling me I hadn’t “done” my hair acceptably), had two remarks about my lack of makeup (one relating to me being “too old” to run around without it now, the other to the “lack of color” in my face), and there was another slight about my weight. Woof! One of us has to go back to get Katie today, I presume. Grumble.

Oh, yeah— there is firewood waiting for us there, though, because a pine fell, taking down an oak tree, in the back yard. Daddy chopped it into lengths that would fit in the trailer of his riding lawn mower, so it should fit into the trunk of the car. That’s a good reason to send sambear and realpochacco to get the girl! There’s muscular stuff to be done!

Uncle James said something about shadowkatt being “14 going on 29.” No, dammit, she’s 12! Just 12! And she isn’t wearing makeup, okay? She just looks like that naturally!

Little Miss is sleeping, but I don’t expect that to last much longer. Son has had a difficult morning—we finally had to remove the power cord from the PS2 because he found its allure just too much to resist and kept getting into trouble for sneaking down to the playroom to use it.

Oh, no—the Practical Magic soundtrack CD has been damaged. No!!!

I moved the furniture around more yesterday, to sambear‘s dismay. I’m feeling better about it now, though. It’s working for now.

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