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I’m very annoyed. I got up to 25 or so on the “100 things about me” post, and now it’s gone. I was sav­ing it with Semag­ic, and the file is gone! Grrr!

I’m typ­ing over Shel­ley. She’s not feel­ing well today, and wants to lay on the desk between me and the key­board. Her ears feel warm, so I think she’s fever­ish. She’s def­i­nite­ly want­i­ng a lot more atten­tion than usu­al today. I’m only too glad to give it to her. I don’t want to lose my sweet­est kit­ty ever, but with her age and the FIV I count every day as a gift.

god­dessin­ga is ensconced on the loveseat. G is giv­ing her a pedi­cure 🙂 We’re all going to paint our toe­nails and try to get some pic­tures of our foot­sies to post in beau­ti­ful­curves since it seems to be quite the thing late­ly. G is deter­mined that she must find blue nail pol­ish for her own nails—no oth­er col­or will do.

The Alice vis­it last night was love­ly, as usu­al. She was tired and stiff from wrestling a 200-lb. auger around her prop­er­ty yes­ter­day, dig­ging holes for the foun­da­tion pil­ings for her pot­tery stu­dio. I intro­duced her to the glo­ries of the heat­ing pad, and we all pret­ty much enjoyed loung­ing about on the couch and chat­ting ami­ably. She’s such a com­fort­able per­son. We enjoyed the roast beast sam­bear served up for us, then took shad­owkatt to my par­ents’ house for a visit. 

Some of Mom’s extend­ed fam­i­ly are vis­it­ing my par­ents. Alice did­n’t feel like going in, and hon­est­ly, I was grate­ful for the excuse for not stay­ing long. In about 5 min­utes, I met the new man in my cous­in’s life, was told that my hair­cut was good but that my aunt would teach me how to use the round brush if I’d stay a bit for her to do so (her way of telling me I had­n’t “done” my hair accept­ably), had two remarks about my lack of make­up (one relat­ing to me being “too old” to run around with­out it now, the oth­er to the “lack of col­or” in my face), and there was anoth­er slight about my weight. Woof! One of us has to go back to get Katie today, I pre­sume. Grumble. 

Oh, yeah— there is fire­wood wait­ing for us there, though, because a pine fell, tak­ing down an oak tree, in the back yard. Dad­dy chopped it into lengths that would fit in the trail­er of his rid­ing lawn mow­er, so it should fit into the trunk of the car. That’s a good rea­son to send sam­bear and realpochac­co to get the girl! There’s mus­cu­lar stuff to be done!

Uncle James said some­thing about shad­owkatt being “14 going on 29.” No, dammit, she’s 12! Just 12! And she isn’t wear­ing make­up, okay? She just looks like that naturally!

Lit­tle Miss is sleep­ing, but I don’t expect that to last much longer. Son has had a dif­fi­cult morning—we final­ly had to remove the pow­er cord from the PS2 because he found its allure just too much to resist and kept get­ting into trou­ble for sneak­ing down to the play­room to use it.

Oh, no—the Prac­ti­cal Mag­ic sound­track CD has been dam­aged. No!!!

I moved the fur­ni­ture around more yes­ter­day, to sam­bear’s dis­may. I’m feel­ing bet­ter about it now, though. It’s work­ing for now.

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