This is from an excellent homeschooling newsletter I get. I found these links interesting and figured that others might, too 🙂

Mistletoe is a common holiday decoration. Use what’s in your environment to launch your science curriculum!

Recommended Websites:

Science News: Botany Under the Mistletoe

This website offers an article about the many varieties of Mistletoe that grow worldwide—and then compares American mistletoe with a variety in Australia. Mistletoes have adapted some peculiarities such as flowers with trick openings and shooting their seeds considerable distances. The article contains several photographs, including a variety of Mistletoe that is exclusive to the cactus! Fascinating stuff here for the botanist in your family!

You can’t study Mistletoe and ignore its place in folk legend and mythology. Here is a site that mentions many of the tales and remedies associated with Mistletoe throughout the ages.

Myths About Mistletoe

Standing under the Mistletoe takes on a whole new meaning after reading the articles at these sites. Enjoy!

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