Being a Nosy Neighbor

Our house sits on a cul-de-sac. The street is generally very quiet, especially during the day when most neighbors are off at work.

All day, though, a Sears van has been circling through the cul-de-sac every 30-45 minutes. Very slowly, as if looking for something. I mean, all day. Really. There’s a “repair” phone number on the side of the van, but otherwise, I don’t know which of Sears’ many divisions the van is from.

It makes me curious, though—what on earth is it here about? Did they have an appointment early this morning but couldn’t find the actual house? Is someone sitting and waiting and wondering?

Hmm—they just came back and pulled into the drive of the house across the street. All the way into the garage (they always leave the doors open). Should I call the police? Nobody’s home over there.

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