Diurnal Raccoon?

There is a rac­coon on the top deck. In broad day­light. Scold­ing me because there are no peanuts out for him (I haven’t been able to find Crit­ter Crunch at the store in a while). It’s sniff­ing around most suspiciously,…

Sick Kid

Katie got up short­ly before mid­night think­ing she was hav­ing real­ly bad cramps. Sam drew her one of his spe­cial baths, with milk and herbs and all, which helped a bit. But then she start­ed throw­ing up. In fact, she…


I need to work on this. Love is an act of end­less for­give­ness, a ten­der look which becomes a habit. ‑Peter Usti­nov, actor, writer and direc­tor (1921- ) Cur­rent Mood: 🤔thought­ful

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