One Thing

I was at BeliefNet to read an article earlier this week and signed up for a bunch of daily email messages on a whim. I was somewhat curious as to what kind of messages I’d get as Buddhist and Hindu…

Sleepy Sleepy

I am SO sleepy! Ridiculously sleepy. I will head to bed Very Soon Now, I promise. Or sambear will have to lug me there while I’m unconscious. And I haven’t even taken the sleepytime medicine yet! Current Mood: 😴sleepy

LJ Syndication

Hmm. Is there some way to get a list of ALL the RSS feeds we can read through LJ? I know that I can see what I’m watching now at, and it shows me a list of “popular feeds…

Buffed By a Bustier

My character was the only one who took no damage in last night’s D&D session (other than a PC whose player wasn’t there). I told Sam that the bustier I was wearing must have given my character’s armor class a…

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