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Yester­day the kids and I drove up to take care of god­dessin­ga after she gra­cious­ly con­sent­ed to allow it. (Okay, she was bul­lied a lit­tle by greyknight and sam­bear, but I did ask her per­mis­sion myself!) We all enjoyed the vis­it great­ly. Yes, I real­ly LIKE help­ing to get the babies fed and bathed and so on, GiG!

On our way home, we drove by a house that I’d real­ly like to see the inside of. It’s not too far from Gwin­nett or our friends. The own­ers have it list­ed for sale and for rent in sep­a­rate list­ings. It’s slight­ly more expen­sive than our cur­rent place, but it’s also big­ger and in a more seclud­ed area. I want to see the inside!

I also put in my resume for a job I real­ly want. Please send hap­py get­ting-job-I’d-enjoy-that-would-prob­a­bly-be-flex­i­ble thoughts!

Tomor­row after­noon A is com­ing over to make music! Then god­dessin­ga and fam­i­ly will be arriv­ing for the week­end. GiG and I are plan­ning to attend Sat­ur­day night’s filk togeth­er. I’d love for all of us to go, but we’d be invad­ing the host­ess’ place with 11 peo­ple and that could be frightening.

We will hope­ful­ly see mique_mique and J at some point this week­end, too. And there’s yet anoth­er Girl Scout event on Sun­day after­noon, and Try­bal­a­ka prac­tice Sun­day evening.

I’ve just learned that if you take a dose of Metabo­life (my first) and then for­get to eat, you’ll get real­ly, real­ly dizzy. Yes, I did final­ly eat, but I’m still dizzy. Yes, greyknight, I remem­ber every­thing you said about it and I did­n’t do it on pur­pose and I’ll be more care­ful in the future!

I’ve been expe­ri­enc­ing inex­plic­a­ble nau­sea for the last few weeks. Sor­ta like morn­ing sick­ness, but not (no, I’m not preg­nant). It’s annoy­ing. But if you see me nib­bling at crack­ers or some­thing con­stant­ly, that’s why.

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