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sambear has some sort of cold. He thought it was allergies, but since I’m catching it now, I have to think it’s a cold. Hopefully, it won’t linger long, but it did interfere with him actually joining in the singing last night. At least it held off for me, but now my throat is pretty raw and my voice is nothing pleasant.

G had a friend spend the night Friday and Saturday. She’s never had a friend stay over except for a birthday party sleepover. Unfortunately, she doesn’t make friends easily, but I’m hoping she’s learning. R spent the night with one of his best friends, too. Katie’s best friend is in high school now and extremely busy, so they’re having trouble finding as much time to get together—she’s feeling a little left out. But she’s in a fairly good mood because she enjoyed the singing last night and has plans for this afternoon.

My to-do list for the house is growing shorter and shorter. I love it. I’m still figuring out where to hang things on the walls to work best with the new furniture arrangement. There are a bunch of prints that need to be framed so we can hang them. I still want to put up window treatments of some sort beyond the blinds, though sambear continues to resist them—I think he sees them as a sign of excessive domestication.

I find that any surface that doesn’t have something that’s *supposed* to go there gathers clutter. Yes, even the tops of bookcases and such—sambear is tall. I don’t like little knick-knacks and such on surfaces, because it’s much more difficult to dust them and move them to dust the surfaces. But baskets (which I love) are fairly easy. So I need to get some neat baskets or flower arrangements or something to put on top of the entertainment center and the tall bookcases. I think I may use the top of the shorter bookcase for a family altar. I’m still thinking about the top of the piano. Well, something other than Shelley, who loves to nap there, but anything I place there will have to stand up to Shelley and the kittens.

We still need to do some filing. The garage needs to be cleaned out again. The floor of our bedroom closet is full of boxes of pictures we need to sort and scan and put in albums or something. I have a growing stack of completed pieces I’ve stitched that need to be framed. The videotapes are still disorganized and stuffed in cabinets because we don’t have enough shelving for them. The key rack/mail holder needs to be re-hung. But we’re getting there!

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