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sam­bear has some sort of cold. He thought it was aller­gies, but since I’m catch­ing it now, I have to think it’s a cold. Hope­ful­ly, it won’t linger long, but it did inter­fere with him actu­al­ly join­ing in the singing last night. At least it held off for me, but now my throat is pret­ty raw and my voice is noth­ing pleasant.

G had a friend spend the night Fri­day and Sat­ur­day. She’s nev­er had a friend stay over except for a birth­day par­ty sleep­over. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, she does­n’t make friends eas­i­ly, but I’m hop­ing she’s learn­ing. R spent the night with one of his best friends, too. Katie’s best friend is in high school now and extreme­ly busy, so they’re hav­ing trou­ble find­ing as much time to get together—she’s feel­ing a lit­tle left out. But she’s in a fair­ly good mood because she enjoyed the singing last night and has plans for this afternoon.

My to-do list for the house is grow­ing short­er and short­er. I love it. I’m still fig­ur­ing out where to hang things on the walls to work best with the new fur­ni­ture arrange­ment. There are a bunch of prints that need to be framed so we can hang them. I still want to put up win­dow treat­ments of some sort beyond the blinds, though sam­bear con­tin­ues to resist them—I think he sees them as a sign of exces­sive domestication.

I find that any sur­face that does­n’t have some­thing that’s *sup­posed* to go there gath­ers clut­ter. Yes, even the tops of book­cas­es and such—sam­bear is tall. I don’t like lit­tle knick-knacks and such on sur­faces, because it’s much more dif­fi­cult to dust them and move them to dust the sur­faces. But bas­kets (which I love) are fair­ly easy. So I need to get some neat bas­kets or flower arrange­ments or some­thing to put on top of the enter­tain­ment cen­ter and the tall book­cas­es. I think I may use the top of the short­er book­case for a fam­i­ly altar. I’m still think­ing about the top of the piano. Well, some­thing oth­er than Shel­ley, who loves to nap there, but any­thing I place there will have to stand up to Shel­ley and the kittens.

We still need to do some fil­ing. The garage needs to be cleaned out again. The floor of our bed­room clos­et is full of box­es of pic­tures we need to sort and scan and put in albums or some­thing. I have a grow­ing stack of com­plet­ed pieces I’ve stitched that need to be framed. The video­tapes are still dis­or­ga­nized and stuffed in cab­i­nets because we don’t have enough shelv­ing for them. The key rack/mail hold­er needs to be re-hung. But we’re get­ting there!

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