Eavesdroppers Never Hear Anything GOOD

So now I know, for sure, that someone on my friends list has been sharing my friends-only posts with sambear‘s ex-wife. And oh, her feelings are hurt.

Well, I didn’t say anything in the post she quoted tearfully on the phone with him today that I wouldn’t have said to her face1Yeah, I probably would have phrased it a little more nicely—but the facts and my beliefs remain exactly the same. People who read things that they know damned well aren’t meant for their eyes had best learn to deal with getting their feelings hurt. They’d best blame whoever was out of line in getting them access to that material, not the person who wrote it. if we ever actually had a conversation, so while there’s a definite violation of trust from someone, I don’t feel bad at all about the actual words that she read. And yes, I think someone should have said some of those things to her face, as many times as it took for her to get the reality check, a long time ago.

I have NEVER bad-mouthed that woman in front of her children, and I won’t do it because I don’t want to harm the kids. I actually care about their welfare, imagine that? Much more than she does, from what I can tell, as the kids report she certainly hasn’t ever refrained from saying nasty things about me in front of them.

So I’m afraid I’ve removed most of the people I don’t know face-to-face from my friends list. Sorry, don’t take it personally. Because if I knew for sure who the slime was, I would be naming that person very publicly. Yes, it’s possible that someone still on my friends list is the leak. But I’m sure I’ll find out if that’s the case. Eventually.

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