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Plinky asked, “When was the last time you voted in an election? Will you vote this year?”

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I voted in a county referendum regarding a one-cent sales tax a few months ago. I vote in every election, so of course I’ll vote this year. Why wouldn’t I vote? Men and women have died to win me that right, and I would be willing to fight and die for it as well. I’m not so foolish as to waste a chance to have my say in important matters whether at the county or national level.

The presidential election is especially important, because of the GOP’s war on women and the fact that I find Santorum especially insane. Romney seems the best of the Republican evils, but that isn’t saying much. I’d much rather see Obama re-elected than any of the Republicans in office. It’s obvious that most of the opposition to the President is based on racism, pure and simple, which is an ugly, ugly thing (but not surprising to this lifelong southerner).

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