Fall Cleaning

It has to be fall clean­ing because it’s Sep­tem­ber, right? I haven’t done spring clean­ing at any time since we’ve lived in this house, hon­est­ly. I haven’t been able to do it. But between a new pain spe­cial­ist who isn’t all the way on the oth­er side of metro Atlanta (who actu­al­ly lis­tens to me and treats me like an adult human being who might know a thing or two about who own body, even!) and new, appar­ent­ly much more effec­tive dosages of two oth­er med­ica­tions, I’m feel­ing bet­ter despite that oth­er new pesky health thing. And Sam and Katie have been won­der­ful­ly coop­er­a­tive, as much as they can around work and school obligations.

I have to express my eter­nal grat­i­tude to Mark and Mika, two of Katie’s friends who went went way, way above what nor­mal friends would do. First, last week they spent their Sat­ur­day morn­ing tot­ing books around to des­ig­nat­ed des­ti­na­tions, then they came to the house and loaded their van with Katie and a lot of laun­dry I had­n’t man­aged to do while ill, and came back with every­thing clean and neat­ly fold­ed! (Okay, Katie was some­what sweaty and not fold­ed, but she’s tick­lish and objects vocif­er­ous­ly to being placed in hampers.)

I’m hap­pi­ly put­ter­ing around this week­end, con­tin­u­ing the clean­ing at a qui­eter pace with just me and Kiyoshi at home most of the time. Yes, it’s Dragon*Con week­end, so of course Katie is there, and Sam is there much of the time. While I did enjoy the whole thing last year, I just was­n’t quite up for it this year. So I bid Sam go and enjoy the crowds and get his extro­vert fix, while I enjoy my intro­vert time at home. I can pull out one box at a time and go through it qui­et­ly, or take a break and read some­thing that strikes my fan­cy with­out explain­ing to any­one at all, since it’s just me.

Read­ing what I’ve writ­ten so far, you’d think that it would be well into win­ter before I’ll get any­thing done. But tru­ly, the house is quite pre­sentable now. There are just projects left to fin­ish, and I’m work­ing on set­ting up a sys­tem to sus­tain the progress that we’ve made. I don’t “Fly” but I had my own sys­tem long before FL came along based on the source she drew from (see Side­tracked Home Exec­u­tives™: From Pig­pen to Par­adise). When I’m done, I might even update that old arti­cle a bit. All of my sites could use lots of updates, but I don’t want to get bogged down in think­ing about the vir­tu­al world when the phys­i­cal world is a much big­ger priority.

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  1. Hey, Cyn.

    We saw Sam at the Con yes­ter­day and were glad to catch up. Sounds like things ar going well for you, and I just thought I’d say hi and hap­py fall cleaning!

  2. Hi there! Sam men­tioned run­ning into y’all. Miss­ing see­ing you is one of my few regrets about not going — but you are local! I’d love to get togeth­er some time.

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