Fall Cleaning

It has to be fall cleaning because it’s September, right? I haven’t done spring cleaning at any time since we’ve lived in this house, honestly. I haven’t been able to do it. But between a new pain specialist who isn’t all the way on the other side of metro Atlanta (who actually listens to me and treats me like an adult human being who might know a thing or two about my own body, even!) and new, apparently much more effective dosages of two other medications, I’m feeling better despite that other new pesky health thing. And Sam and Katie have been wonderfully cooperative, as much as they can around work and school obligations.

I have to express my eternal gratitude to Mark and Mika, two of Katie’s friends who went way, way above what normal friends would do. First, last week they spent their Saturday morning toting books around to designated destinations, then they came to the house and loaded their van with Katie and a lot of laundry I hadn’t managed to do while ill, and came back with everything clean and neatly folded! (Okay, Katie was somewhat sweaty and not folded, but she’s ticklish and objects vociferously to being placed in hampers.)

I’m happily puttering around this weekend, continuing the cleaning at a quieter pace with just me and Kiyoshi at home most of the time. Yes, it’s Dragon*Con weekend, so of course, Katie is there, and Sam is there much of the time. While I did enjoy the whole thing last year, I just wasn’t quite up for it this year. So I bid Sam go and enjoy the crowds and get his extrovert fix, while I enjoy my introvert time at home. I can pull out one box at a time and go through it quietly, or take a break and read something that strikes my fancy without explaining it to anyone at all since it’s just me.

Reading what I’ve written so far, you’d think that it would be well into winter before I’ll get anything done. But truly, the house is quite presentable now. There are just projects left to finish, and I’m working on setting up a system to sustain the progress that we’ve made. I don’t “Fly” but I had my own system long before FL came along based on the source she drew from (see Sidetracked Home Executives™: From Pigpen to Paradise). When I’m done, I might even update that old article a bit. All of my sites could use lots of updates, but I don’t want to get bogged down in thinking about the virtual world when the physical world is a much bigger priority.

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2 thoughts on “Fall Cleaning

  1. Hey, Cyn.

    We saw Sam at the Con yesterday and were glad to catch up. Sounds like things ar going well for you, and I just thought I’d say hi and happy fall cleaning!

  2. Hi there! Sam mentioned running into y’all. Missing seeing you is one of my few regrets about not going – but you are local! I’d love to get together some time.

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