Online Job Hunt – Heard of this place?

Yes, yes—I promise this is the last post for now. Probably for the weekend, but at least for a few hours!

I continue to hope to find some kind of work that I can do from home despite my uncooperative body. Of course, most listings for “work at home” and “telecommute” jobs are complete rip-offs. I don’t really have the energy to go the full self-employment route, which involves doing all the marketing and billing and collections and such (if you do, check out Noël Figart’s very cool series of ongoing posts, How to Make a Living From Home: A Free Course). More precisely, if I do all that stuff, I worry that I won’t have any energy left to do the actual income-generating tasks.

I don’t remember how, precisely, but I ran across Virtual Vocations a while back, and have looked around the site a few times. I’ve yet to actually pony up the fee to get access to the contact information for the job listings, but the fact that they allow anybody to see the rest of the listings without paying is pretty nice.

The only genuinely-negative thing I’ve come across about them anywhere is a person who claimed that they contact Craigslist posters who have stated that they do NOT want to be contacted by third parties. I don’t like that at all, but it isn’t quite a killing blow. The only “it’s a ripoff” complaints I’ve seen are anonymous comments left on any blog that posts a VV review. I give those all the seriousness of the commenter’s willingness to back up his words—meaning none.

BUT—people I actually know are more credible. So have any of you used the site, or do you know someone who has? What do you think of them?

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3 thoughts on “Online Job Hunt – Heard of this place?

  1. I'm not familiar with Virtual Vacations, however I get notices from and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone. While there are only some jobs which they show the information to everyone, on those jobs you can submit your resume whether or not you've actually paid for the FJ membership. Other jobs you do have to join to see the full details and information, however it's extremely reasonable ($14.95/mo or $49.95/yr).

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