Sweet Saturday

Sam took Katie up to Repub­li­can land to pick up her new glass­es lens­es today—she went to the eye doc­tor while she was with my par­ents because they were out dri­ving and real­ized that she was squint­ing to read the road signs. Her eyes had­n’t changed much at her last few year­ly check-ups, but they did this time. She says every­thing is very nice and clear. I need to go get my own checked, but glass­es are so dan­ged expensive!

We had a nice date and a deli­cious steak din­ner. Sam’s been promis­ing that he’ll make chick­en fet­tuc­cine alfre­do since last week­end, but the girl was gone, then he had a pret­ty tir­ing week. That’s quite a meal to cook after a day at work. So I’m hop­ing he’ll feel up to it tomor­row. The steak was real­ly good, though!

Katie got a long let­ter from her friend Josh, who left for Air Force basic train­ing recent­ly. Then she even got a phone call from him! Appar­ent­ly, his group1It isn’t a platoon—what do they call them in the AF? is doing real­ly well, so they got access to a sort of recre­ation area with vend­ing machines and pay­phones after just two weeks of train­ing. Anoth­er friend of theirs who just got out of train­ing said they did­n’t get that until after five weeks, which is appar­ent­ly pret­ty standard.

I wor­ry about Josh—this just isn’t a good time to be going into any branch of the mil­i­tary, as far as I’m con­cerned. But I’m sure he’ll be a good air­man, and it’s what he want­ed to do.

Thanks to Eliz­a­beth Bear, I now know that, Ohs noes! Franz Kaf­ka read pron! I can’t quite fig­ure out why it’s such a big deal to any­one, but I’m cer­tain­ly not a Kaf­ka schol­ar. Is there any healthy adult in the world who, giv­en the oppor­tu­ni­ty, has not read/viewed porn at some point in his or her life?

The girl saw Mam­ma Mia with my moth­er and said she thinks we’ll enjoy watch­ing it togeth­er. I don’t pay much atten­tion to what’s in the the­aters, so oth­er than think­ing it might have some con­nec­tion to Abba I was clue­less. Bear also post­ed a link to an inter­est­ing review that final­ly gave me a clue as to why Katie liked it so much.

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4 thoughts on “Sweet Saturday

  1. I’m afraid I’m woe­ful­ly igno­rant of mil­i­tary ter­mi­nol­o­gy, sor­ry I can’t help with that, but my son was in JROTC and I was ter­ri­fied that he’d join the mil­i­tary, espe­cial­ly when his girl­friend men­tioned that if they were mar­ried and she was preg­nant he’d get paid more(!!!). Luck­i­ly he has­n’t enlist­ed, he’s still work­ing at the gro­cery store and floun­der­ing around about enrolling in com­mu­ni­ty col­lege, and his girl­friend is now on-again, off-again. Who knows where he’ll end up…

    I hope you get your chick­en din­ner soon 🙂

  2. In the Air Force, they are called wings, flight groups, flights, and squadrons. So, prob­a­bly this is about his flight or flight group.

    If they got food access at two weeks, they’re doing amaz­ing­ly well.

    AF duty over­seas is kin­da dull — not a lot of direct con­flict, as the sup­port for air­craft role tends to be back from the lines, inside secu­ri­ty perime­ters. Hope­ful­ly he’ll be fine.

  3. Just enjoyed that din­ner, and it was great!

    Appar­ent­ly he is in a “Flight,” Dwiv. Thank you.

    I dat­ed an AF guy years and years ago, and he said he chose that branch because they send their offi­cers out to do the actu­al fight­ing. Hope­ful­ly Josh will be safe. We’ve known him for a decade or so, though, so I can’t help but wor­ry a bit.

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