Lawn Sanity!

I detest grass. I’m so aller­gic that I con­sid­er the stuff a per­son­al attack. Beyond that, I’ve always con­sid­ered all the mon­ey and ener­gy that is put into ined­i­ble crops that aren’t even pret­ty to be a dis­gust­ing form of con­spic­u­ous consumption. 

I cheered out loud when I read this arti­cle: The Incred­i­ble, Edi­ble Front Lawn

It makes so much more sense—and it’s pret­ti­er, too! Peo­ple actu­al­ly eat what they grow, instead of grow­ing it to cut it. Wow.

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3 thoughts on “Lawn Sanity!

  1. You think it’s bad were you live, try Phoenix. In the mid­dle of a desert, noth­ing but green lawns as far as the eye can see. And no enforce­ment of water­ing laws even more lax than those here in Texas where we have tons more water than they do. I was hard­ly sur­prised to read that they’re fore­cast­ing run­ning out of water in the next few decades.

  2. We’ve heard drought, drought, drought here–but there was only a month, maybe less, when our coun­ty was­n’t allow­ing any water­ing of lawns. Even then, there were excep­tions for land­scap­ers! I don’t think water­ing should be allowed for any­thing BUT food crops dur­ing a drought. I love flow­ers, but I also under­stand priorities.

  3. And there are some love­ly, drought-tol­er­ant flow­ers out there, not to men­tion the love­ly flow­ers on some food plants. 

    Okay, bunch­es of men­tions of home gar­den­ing hit­ting me at once — I think the uni­verse is try­ing to tell me to get off my back­side and start a con­tain­er garden 🙂 

    Thanks for the link, darlin’!

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