Review: A Rush of Wings by Adrian Phoenix

A Rush of WingsA Rush of Wings was a random “that looks interesting” choice from the library’s new books shelves. I was somewhat surprised to find that the book was just published this January, because the copy I checked out has obviously been read many, many times. It seems as if Adrian Phoenix’s first novel is a hit.

It wasn’t bad, especially for a first novel. It’s yet another urban fantasy/horror vampire story, but it didn’t feel too derivative. I did wonder if Phoenix has read much of Nancy Collins’ work, but she still has a reasonably different spin on the genre.

I liked the main character, FBI Special Agent Heather Wallace. Her love interest, Dante, didn’t do much for me, but then I’m not into bad boys or goth kiddies. I didn’t quite buy the attraction between them, but happy Wallace did (mostly) continue to live by her values.

I think I would have been slightly happier if I didn’t feel like the book was being set up for sequels if it sold well. Whatever happened to standalone novels? Phoenix’s website says that her next book, In the Blood, will be released next year. I didn’t find anything that says it’s about Dante and friends, but I have a feeling that it is.

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