I did blog!

It’s over here today.

Cyn is Katie's mom, Esther's Mémé, and a Support Engineer. She lives in the Atlanta area with her life partner, Rick, and their critters. She knits, does counted-thread needlework, reads, makes music, plays TTRPGs, and spends too much time online.
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2 thoughts on “I did blog!

  1. There are some time where­in we can’t blog because of busy sched­ule. I tend to skip blog­ging in some of my niche blog as well because I feel wear off that I tend to go to oth­er place or loca­tion just to have moti­va­tion in blogging.
  2. I’m doing Blog365, so I’ve made a com­mit­ment to blog­ging dai­ly. It does­n’t always have to be on the same blog, but I find it eas­i­er to keep up with if I post a point­er here when I blog elsewhere.

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