Color Clues, or Why Four Blue Sweaters Isn’t Enough

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“Another blue sweater? You have four of those. Why not get something different for a change?”

“No, I have navy, cornflower, Williamsburg, and baby blue sweaters. This one is royal blue. That’s totally different!”

Okay guys, I know that you thought women were making up some of the color names we use. Chartreuse? Why not say green? And garnet—that’s red, right? What’s this about plum, amethyst, grape, violet, mauve, and fuschia all being different? They’re all purple, aren’t they?

No, really, they aren’t. We don’t make them up just to vex you. They’re all very, very different, which is why we would never consider wearing brick red lipstick with a cherry red sweater. Ick!

Now there’s help for you. Free help, even!

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