Jihad Name

So this thing says I am Sis­ter Shot­gun of Enlight­ened Com­pas­sion.  Any­body could be that, though. I pre­fer the name giv­en to me by d2leddy: Sis­ter Rapi­er of Boun­ti­ful Har­vests, Clear Riv­er Waters, and Sus­tain­able Lifestyles

Name Thingie

All flat­ter­ing. Why don’t any of these things ever say, “Wow, you’re a real jerk. Maybe you should change your name to ____?” Cyn­thia The moon: Greek You have enor­mous vital­i­ty and orig­i­nal­i­ty mak­ing you a dynam­ic indi­vid­ual with great charm and…

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