I just vacuumed the entire first floor of the house without using up even one spoon. Yay Roomba! I’ll send it upstairs with shadowkatt or curiousmay9 after it’s done recharging.

I planned to do nothing today. That’s a first for me. And I did try. I only did two loads of dishes and five of laundry as a result.

Have you seen Google Scholar?

The Atlanta Freecycle list only allows wanted posts on Thursdays now. I looked through the messages this morning and realized that they were the only thing hitting the list today, so I went ahead and posted a few offers that I kept meaning to send to the list. Four down, two to go—I just need to make sure nobody in the household wants the last two items.

I do love decluttering.

I can’t find the Shop-Vac. It needs a new hose, but I don’t know which size to buy without seeing it. It’s probably in the “hidden room” off the garage—home of all things that don’t have an immediate use.

We rearranged the sitting room in a big way and changed the bedroom a little. I’m very happy with the results so far. I’m still seeking the right place for my craft drawers, though.

While painting, I tripped over a cord and broke one of our bedside lamps. I’ve never liked the damned things anyway. They were just some that sambear had owned for years. Now there’s just one. While Sam says he can fix the broken lamp, there’s no fixing the lampshade he stepped on while coming to my aid.

I watched Frida yesterday. It’s not an “easy” movie, but it’s damned good.

Did anyone else find the tango scene and the scene with (I presume) Josephine Baker to be sexier than anything else in the movie? Why weren’t any of the scenes with men that hot?

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