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Both fair­ly polit­i­cal: stranger­fruitfd truth­laid­bare Cur­rent Mood: busy


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Well, sor­ta. I have had my LJ embed­ded into my web site for a while, but now I’ve tweaked it so that it looks much bet­ter than it did with the default style. I even made my own BlogRoll! That…

Poetry Fix

Both brought to you cour­tesy of osp_feed. Water­front Café By John Isbell I sat at the water­front café. The stone bridge’s near side was root­ed in the soil, While the oth­er dis­ap­peared into infin­i­ty. I saw a bird fly across it From a…

Homeschoolers ≠ Creationists

Ken Ham, the group’s chief exec­u­tive, said mar­ket­ing sur­veys sug­gest­ed that the com­plex would draw not just home-school­ing fam­i­lies and oth­er cre­ation­ists, but main­stream church groups and curios­i­ty seek­ers. (From Dar­win-Free Fun for Cre­ation­ists) We know that all home­school­ers are…

Food Porn

Here’s a lengthy list of food porn feeds on LJ. I know some of you will enjoy them (espe­cial­ly sam­bear. I had to add bread­cof­fee­choc due to the name of the blog, Bread Cof­fee Choco­late Yoga.

Um, Right

PRESIDENT BUSH: A year ago, I did give the speech from the car­ri­er, say­ing that we had achieved an impor­tant objec­tive, that we’d accom­plished a mis­sion, which was the removal of Sad­dam Hus­sein. And as a result, there are no…

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