Speed Reading?

What’s your read­ing speed—do you know?

One of my pro­fes­sors post­ed a link to a site that sells speed read­ing train­ing soft­ware today. I’ve won­dered a few times if a speed read­ing course would be worth­while. I took a test and sup­pos­ed­ly read 528 “effec­tive words per minute.” I’m not sure what “aver­age” is, as I can’t find any sta­tis­tics (not that I looked deeply) oth­er than those on sites that are sell­ing something.

I’ve wor­ried that learn­ing to speed read would make read­ing less enjoy­able for me. I think I’m fair­ly fast already. I read dif­fer­ent­ly for plea­sure than for purpose—could I still do that?

Have any of you tak­en such train­ing? What are your thoughts about it? Would you rec­om­mend the train­ing you used, and if so, which one was it? Do you have to con­scious­ly prac­tice the skill to keep it fresh? Did it affect your abil­i­ty to enjoy read­ing for pleasure?

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