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Mom took the girls to the Rennaissance Festival this Saturday. They had a great time—in costume, of course. They never miss an opportunity to dress up like that!

real_pochacco stayed home with Papa (that’s my father, not Sam). He was supposed to be working on a big school project. He hasn’t been doing well with resisting distractions at home when he’s alone. We knew we’d be running around most of the day and he wouldn’t get much done in the car, so that seemed the best place for him to be. Unfortunately, he didn’t do any work on the project anyway. He didn’t do anything else, either—he can’t really tell us how he spent the time. This comes after he’d refused to get up and go to school Friday. He had detention scheduled for Friday. For the second week in a row, he missed it—so now he’ll have in-school suspension.

Unfortunately littlefirefae woke up with a slight fever Sunday morning and threw up. She’s at home today. It seems to just be a cold—we think the nausea is from sinus drainage.

We had 15 or so people here Friday night, according to someone who was counting (I wasn’t). I was too busy enjoying the company of mrpsyklops and some of the other guests. sambear was making lovely things in the kitchen and being a good host. We had three folks show up from the local poly group who haven’t attended a filk before. The smaller group was actually more comfortable for me.

We need to do a little more apartment searching, but I think we’ve found the company with whom we want to do business. We just need to pick which of their communities we’ll be in. I really liked the last one we looked at Saturday, but it has higher occupancy rates than some of their others in the same area and therefore costs about $200 more a month.

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