Weekend Report

sambear did his weekend report—I’m behind on mine!

We did finally make it to greyknight and goddessinga‘s place on Saturday. He and his father were working on the fence for the backyard but finished soon. It was nice to see T, even briefly. We had a delicious dinner and then had an actual “date,” going to see The Two Towers. The movie was wonderful, the company even better.

I did find myself giggling over the consternation we caused in other moviegoers seated near us. We weren’t being inappropriate or anything, but it seems that poly quads aren’t exactly a common sight. Gosh, I wonder why? 😉 We began sitting with sambear in the aisle seat next to goddessinga, then me, then greyknight. The fellows had their arms around us ladies, and she and I were holding hands. I didn’t really think anything of it when someone down a few seats from our Knight got up to go past us for a popcorn refill or whatever, but the guy noticed the arms and our linked hands and did such a double-take that he nearly tripped. When GiG went to call to check on the kids, Sam kissed me. When our Knight went to call the kids, I moved over a seat so that he could sit next to GiG. We ended up all linked in different ways again. I heard people behind us who couldn’t possibly have followed the movie so well because they were putting a lot of energy into speculation about us! (And they were being rude in a theater, so they’re going to The Very Special Hell.)

Fade to black for the rest of a lovely night. GiG cooked us a nice breakfast Sunday morning. Knight went off to work (sigh). real_pochacco, GiG and Knight’s mother have similar tastes in books, and he kept his head completely buried in Michael Crichton’s Prey We stayed as long as we could, but had to leave to get shadowkatt. She had a nice visit with her father’s family (a very special occasion there).

Trybalaka practice last night ran late, but I felt like we got a lot done. I have to find my practice tape, which roamed out of my car! It’s hard to practice harmony parts by myself otherwise. I started getting very wifty for the last hour or so, though—I fear I may be getting a sinus infection or something. Boo!

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