Weekend Report

sam­bear did his week­end report—I’m behind on mine!

We did final­ly make it to greyknight and god­dessin­ga’s place on Sat­ur­day. He and his father were work­ing on the fence for the back­yard but fin­ished soon. It was nice to see T, even briefly. We had a deli­cious din­ner and then had an actu­al “date,” going to see The Two Tow­ers. The movie was won­der­ful, the com­pa­ny even better.

I did find myself gig­gling over the con­ster­na­tion we caused in oth­er movie­go­ers seat­ed near us. We weren’t being inap­pro­pri­ate or any­thing, but it seems that poly quads aren’t exact­ly a com­mon sight. Gosh, I won­der why? 😉 We began sit­ting with sam­bear in the aisle seat next to god­dessin­ga, then me, then greyknight. The fel­lows had their arms around us ladies, and she and I were hold­ing hands. I did­n’t real­ly think any­thing of it when some­one down a few seats from our Knight got up to go past us for a pop­corn refill or what­ev­er, but the guy noticed the arms and our linked hands and did such a dou­ble-take that he near­ly tripped. When GiG went to call to check on the kids, Sam kissed me. When our Knight went to call the kids, I moved over a seat so that he could sit next to GiG. We end­ed up all linked in dif­fer­ent ways again. I heard peo­ple behind us who could­n’t pos­si­bly have fol­lowed the movie so well because they were putting a lot of ener­gy into spec­u­la­tion about us! (And they were being rude in a the­ater, so they’re going to The Very Spe­cial Hell.)

Fade to black for the rest of a love­ly night. GiG cooked us a nice break­fast Sun­day morn­ing. Knight went off to work (sigh). real_pochacco, GiG and Knight’s moth­er have sim­i­lar tastes in books, and he kept his head com­plete­ly buried in Michael Crich­ton’s Prey We stayed as long as we could, but had to leave to get shad­owkatt. She had a nice vis­it with her father’s fam­i­ly (a very spe­cial occa­sion there).

Try­bal­a­ka prac­tice last night ran late, but I felt like we got a lot done. I have to find my prac­tice tape, which roamed out of my car! It’s hard to prac­tice har­mo­ny parts by myself oth­er­wise. I start­ed get­ting very wifty for the last hour or so, though—I fear I may be get­ting a sinus infec­tion or some­thing. Boo!

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