More Changes to the Site

Okay, I’ve fin­ished mov­ing the mate­r­i­al from my cross-stitch pat­tern, home edu­ca­tion, rela­tion­ships and com­mu­ni­ty, and fibromyal­gia sites. Woof! Now I just have this site, my port­fo­lio site and Rick­’s stub of a site to main­tain. Oh, and Cyber­Stalked! I…

Overheard on LJ

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squig­glz in customers_suck via dot_cattiness: “If you’re Gods gift to women, I hope we kept the reciept.” jab­ber in dot_cattiness: “He’s not poly. He’s pin­ing for the Swedish Biki­ni Team.” Cur­rent Mood: predatory

On Love

Bish­op John Shel­by Spong, A New Chris­tian­i­ty for a New World, 2001 When we human beings know love, we seem to grow. Love is present in embry­on­ic forms in all aspects of life. It is seen when sub­hu­man species of…

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