More Changes to the Site

Okay, I’ve finished moving the material from my cross-stitch pattern, home education, relationships and community, and fibromyalgia sites. Woof! Now I just have this site, my portfolio site and Rick’s stub of a site to maintain. Oh, and CyberStalked! I…

Overheard on LJ

squigglz in customers_suck via dot_cattiness: “If you’re Gods gift to women, I hope we kept the reciept.” jabber in dot_cattiness: “He’s not poly. He’s pining for the Swedish Bikini Team.” Current Mood: predatory

On Love

Bishop John Shelby Spong, A New Christianity for a New World, 2001 When we human beings know love, we seem to grow. Love is present in embryonic forms in all aspects of life. It is seen when subhuman species of…

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