Art and Artists

Plinky asked, “o you have a favorite work of art?” No, I don’t have a favorite work of art. My favorite artist is a young lady named Katie Armis­tead, and I could­n’t pos­si­bly choose just one of her works as a favorite. Oth­er than her work, I have sev­er­al favorite artists, from the well-known ones like […]

A New Pet

Plinky said, “Pick a new pet to take home for free.” There’s no such thing as a free pet, as any respon­si­ble pet own­er knows! Beyond the costs of hous­ing and feed­ing the ani­mal, you have to pro­vide for health care such as pre­ven­tive med­ica­tion for heart­worms and oth­er par­a­sites (for dogs and cats, at least), […]

Books Per Year

Plinky asked, “About how many books do you read each year?” Last year is the first time I ever tried to track them, and I think it was 150+ accord­ing to GoodReads. I don’t know how to see the num­ber again, right off. That was prob­a­bly about aver­age. I’ll prob­a­bly read less this year because I’ve […]

Setting Up Shop

Plinky asked, “If you were going to open up a shop, what would you sell? Food? Cloth­ing? Books?” Books and needle­work items! My for­mer part­ner and I used to dream about open­ing a com­bi­na­tion book/stitching/gaming/coffee shop.  Of course, inde­pen­dent book­stores are near­ly dead, and even Bor­ders is dead now thanks to Ama­zon. Lit­tle needle­work shops have […]

Laptops and Coffee Shops

Plinky asked,“Should cof­fee shops lim­it the amount of time that lap­top users can occu­py tables? Why or why not? What should the time lim­it be?” That depends on the cof­fee shop and its clien­tele. If a par­tic­u­lar shop isn’t hav­ing a prob­lem, why should it set a lim­it? As the say­ing goes, if it ain’t broke, […]

Playing the Lottery

Plinky asked, “Do you ever pur­chase lot­tery tick­ets? Have you ever won?” I don’t ever pur­chase them — nev­er have, can’t imag­ine that I ever will. I agree with who­ev­er called them “a tax on peo­ple who are bad at math.” I read some­where that in one of the recent lot­ter­ies that reached some huge award […]

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