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Books Per Year

Plinky asked, “About how many books do you read each year?”

Books behind the bed

Last year is the first time I ever tried to track them, and I think it was 150+ accord­ing to GoodReads. I don’t know how to see the num­ber again, right off. That was prob­a­bly about aver­age.

I’ll prob­a­bly read less this year because I’ve been stitch­ing more, as well as spend­ing time on the ukulele. I’m also con­sid­er­ing try­ing to get my piano skills back, which will take up more leisure time. So I’ve set a goal to read just 60 books this year (GoodReads is ask­ing peo­ple to set goals for that now) and I’m 13% ahead at the moment. That’s a fair­ly low goal, but I’d rather go over than not meet my goal.

My “to be read” pile is elec­tron­ic these days, but it con­tains thou­sands of books and it just keeps grow­ing, so I expect that I’ll nev­er run out of books to read.

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