Learning to Code, Part 3

I got a response from CodeA­cad­e­my acknowl­edg­ing that the prob­lem I expe­ri­enced was on their end. They gave me some code that would let me get past that les­son, but it con­tained a vari­able that was­n’t men­tioned in the les­son. That’s frus­trat­ing, and I don’t know that they’ve fixed it for every­one else yet. At least the response was fair­ly fast and friend­ly, with an expla­na­tion that they’ve been doing a lot of edits on the site late­ly. And what can I say—these exer­cis­es are free.

While wait­ing I went fur­ther in the HTML/CSS lessons and real­ly learned quite a bit. CSS is pow­er­ful! I’m back to the JavaScript now, and I did fine until I hit the Object-ori­ent­ed part of the course. That has thrown me for a bit of a loop.

I should men­tion that each les­son at CodeA­cad­e­my is writ­ten by a dif­fer­ent per­son, so they can be a lit­tle uneven. The over­all qual­i­ty is quite good, though. Still, that leaves me won­der­ing if my trou­ble with the OO issues has any­thing to do with the author of the exer­cis­es, or if I’m just get­ting in over my head now. Either way, I’m press­ing on and intend to get through all of the lessons offered.

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