11 Replies to “Captain Pugwash LOVES Broccoli”

  1. Awww, It’s so cute, it real­ly likes broc­coli, I love it!

  2. Oh my! It seems to be enjoy­ing it. I some­how dis­like broc­coli right from my childhood.

  3. this is so cute, I real­ly like it. And Cap­tain Pug­wash is such a great name. Fun­ny that it likes broccoli.

  4. I had a friend whose small dog loved sal­ad. Would eat it every chance he got. The dog died because a diet like that is tox­ic to small ani­mals. Good luck with pugwash!

  5. Kim­ber­ly wrote a fair­ly long mess­sage when she post­ed the sec­ond video (see my next post) to YouTube. The kit­ten does­n’t get broc­coli often, and his diet is most­ly cat food. Broc­coli absolute­ly is NOT dan­ger­ous to cats in small amounts.

    I knew a very old cat who had a life­long taste for brus­sel sprouts. They were a rare treat, as broc­coli was for Cap­tain Pug­wash, and nev­er had any neg­a­tive effect.

  6. Such a sweet cat. We even have some­thing in com­mon, we both love broccoli 🙂

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