Review: New Moon by Stephanie Meyer

I finished reading New Moon, which was much, much more dramatic (emotionally) than Twilight. As in, Bella goes into a zombie state for months, and the book just has blank pages with the names of each month as placeholders–October, November, December, January, etc. I (and most everyone I know) have handled divorce better than this kid handles a teenage breakup! And her parents never put her in therapy why? (I think she should have been in-patient, myself.)

I couldn’t let go enough to read this book from the intended audience’s perspective. I kept thinking that there’s no way I’d let a child of mine get involved with anyone so clingy. She wants to be with a guy 24/7, and no, I am not exaggerating at all. These books are a case study of dependent personality disorder. The fact that they are so incredibly popular is worrisome to me.

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6 thoughts on “Review: New Moon by Stephanie Meyer

  1. Nope. I’d be happy to suggest something else if you can tell me a little about her tastes, though 🙂

    Wait–I think of Rose as a chubby-cheeked LITTLE girl. Did she go and grow up or something? Tell me she isn’t a teen already!

  2. Thanks for the photos – she’s so pretty! And so grown up!

    Has she read Francesca Lia Block’s Weezie Bat books? The omnibus is named Dangerous Angels. All the young ladies I know have loved those. Katie says she’s heard good things about the Baritmeus books. Celia Rees, who wrote Witch Child, is also good. Everything by Tamora Pierce rocks our socks. Karen Cushman’s books, especially The Midwife’s Apprentice, were a big hit here, too.

  3. Wow, maybe I won’t give this one a try. It sounds like I’d spend the whole time yelling at the protagonist.

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