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My Big Fat Supernatural Honeymoon
Yes, the girl and I man­aged a library run (to the GOOD library) on Fri­day. It took more time and ener­gy than expect­ed, of course, but we got a bunch of very good books. 

I read My Big Fat Super­nat­ur­al Hon­ey­moon last night, with much gig­gling. The sto­ries were a bit uneven (nor­mal for an anthol­o­gy), but worth­while overall. 

I espe­cial­ly liked “Heo­rot,” the Har­ry Dres­den piece from Jim Butch­er. I love the way he brings in mythol­o­gy from so many dif­fer­ent cultures. 

Kel­ly Arm­strong’s “Stalked” was fun, too. Her were­wolves are just more wolfish than most, in my opinion.

P.N. Elrod’s “Her Moth­er’s Daugh­ter” was­n’t bad at all. I’ve obvi­ous­ly missed some of her Jack Flem­ing nov­els, and I’m look­ing for­ward to catch­ing up.

I want to find some of Mar­jorie M. Liu’s longer works, as “Where the Heart Lives” isn’t the first of her short sto­ries that have impressed me. What’s even bet­ter is that WtHL is a total depar­ture from the ear­li­er sto­ries I remember.

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5 thoughts on “Books Books Books!

  1. I miss Pines! I don’t know of a loca­tion any­where near us.

    Gwin­nett is a much bet­ter sys­tem than Dekalb, so I have a non-res­i­dent card there. I’ve nev­er had access to Atlanta-Fulton.

  2. Some­one or some list had rec­om­mend­ed P.N. Elrod books to me and I can’t remem­ber why or when, but when I went look­ing for them they were hard to find. Now I have been remind­ed again and I will have to remem­ber who, what and why again so that I can remem­ber if I want to pur­sue it further. 🙂

  3. She has sev­er­al dif­fer­ent series, but I’ve only read books from one. They tend to have dry humor tossed in with the mystery/fantasy/vampire thing. The Jack Flem­ing books are set in the 30s, with a “hard-boiled detec­tive” who gets mur­dered in the very first book.

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