Back to school time!

In the US, par­ents and stu­dents are rush­ing about prepar­ing for the begin­ning of fall class­es. Tra­di­tion­al­ly, that involves shop­ping for new cloth­ing and sup­plies from pen­cils to com­put­ers. Teens and young adults are leav­ing home for col­lege dorms. The whole endeav­or devours mon­ey, time and ener­gy. Traf­fic snarls and tem­pers fray. If we had stress reports along­side the weath­er reports, this sea­son would be con­sid­ered guar­an­teed over­time at the news stations.

Remem­ber that there is noth­ing mag­ic about the first day of school. It isn’t the last day for acquir­ing cloth­ing for the sea­son. Acqui­si­tion of some sup­plies can be spread out a bit. (Before we became home­school­ers, we final­ly start­ed look­ing at some of the more exces­sive school sup­ply lists as “teacher wish lists.”)

If you are a stu­dent or a teacher, don’t spend all your ener­gy before the term begins! Calm down. You’ll be able to get more pens and paper and what have you lat­er on. Ask for and accept help. Set up a sus­tain­able sched­ule and a pleas­ant work envi­ron­ment that sup­ports you.

Now have a good term!