The day a woman real­izes that she isn’t wor­ried about her nose being shiny, but hav­ing for­got­ten to use mois­tur­iz­er was a painful mis­take, she tru­ly knows that she’s get­ting old. Ken­ne­saw did­n’t get my mid-term. I don’t know if the…

Two Poems

They may suck, but since I had to write them for an assign­ment I fig­ured I’d share them here as well. Sum­mer Camp You dash to your new home Guid­ed by smells bug spray and sun­screen Girls’ voic­es squeal­ing, laugh­ing Hid­den by…


Dammit! The stu­pid abdom­i­nal pain is with me again. I took some Vicodin imme­di­ate­ly, but it’s still there and caus­ing prob­lems with focus­ing or going to sleep.

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