Email Nuisance

SpamCop is having DNS problems due to some screw-up with their domain registrar. I filter most of my email through their servers, so I seldom actually see any of the hundreds of spam messages sent to my various accounts on any given day (other than scanning the list of senders and subjects before I tell SC that they’re truly spam, and should be reported as such). To get my email, for now, I had to un-forward those accounts and POP them. Ewwww!

Some mail that was forwarded is probably still sitting “stuck” somewhere, so if you sent me a message and didn’t see a response I’m probably not ignoring you.

On the other hand, POPping the accounts that are normally forwarded resulted in me getting a whole bunch of mail from the beginning of September that I had never seen before. Very weird. Maybe I should just POP those accounts every once in a while to see if there’s anything there.

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