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Since the most mentioned least favorite thing about my journal was the geek stuff, I’ll try to put that behind a cut tag from now on, okay? I’d do a filter for it, but I usually keep those entries public since there’s no reason to lock them down. Here’s the first one 🙂

So when installing software on this machine, I went ahead and just put Dreamweaver on instead of my old faithful HomeSite. HomeSite+ is supposedly integrated into the product anyway.

I just defined all the sites I work on, and then edited a few files to fix a margin problem I’d noticed. Then I updated a broken link that was in many places due to me going from .html files to .shtml in some places, and told DW to upload the newer files to the server. I never used the integrated FTP client in HomeSite, or most of its site management features, so this is new to me. I like it so far. If it works nicely, I’m going to tell it to do the first full-site link-check that I’ve done in a while. Yes, the TechnoMom site is crufty these days!

I’ve considered moving that harassment stuff to its own domain. I’d just delete it, but at least once a month, and more normally once a week, I get email from someone who found it helpful. I’m not going to be updating that stuff unless there’s something new to report. I’d prefer to avoid that unless it’s that creepo is in jail or dead or something. I’ve considered tinkering around with some of the data and using it while learning to create a database, but I don’t want to be working with the unpleasant stuff quite so much as that.

And I’m excited about my new domain, but I haven’t decided exactly what to put on there yet. I don’t want to be moving stuff from technomom there—it deserves its very own fresh content. I should talk about that in that other journal. I don’t know what I’m going to do about graphics, though. I don’t create them, and my favorite site for free web graphics (Moyra’s Web Jewels) closed a while back. I don’t like graphics that people have seen on a dozen other sites.

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