I feel so much better for having even a low level dose of pain killers that I’m having to honestly ask myself – did I just throw away a lot of what I could have done in the last few years due to stubborness?

My doctor had first prescribed Celebrex back around 1998-99. My insurer absolutely refused to cover it, so she had me take Vioxx instead. Vioxx tears up my stomach horribly, and never seemed to make enough of a difference to matter. That’s one of the reasons I felt that RX meds just weren’t going to do enough, and stuck with the ibuprofen at dangerous levels.

But even without time to build up in my system as it’s supposed to have, I’m feeling so much better now that I can hardly describe it.

I’m hoarding the Ultracet. I took one right after class yesterday, but even before taking it I knew I was going to have to get a nap. The need for naps is really frustrating. My doctor said I’m supposed to have bed rest every 30-60 minutes, but I didn’t want to pay attention to that. My body has other ideas.

I have a 9am meeting with the VP to whom the financial aid folks report. Maybe something will finally get done now.

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