Laughter is good. I like reading comics online. The fact that I can leave them for a few days, then catch up, is great. I don’t have to get a newspaper or subscribe to one, so I don’t feel guilty about killing trees. And there are comic strips online that are far, far more interesting to me than most of those in the newspaper now.

I was going to stick my list of comics into a private entry so I could use the links when I’m not at home but decided to be very geeky and share them.

Some of the ones I read are on LJ now—see That’s SO much more convenient! Most but not all of those are RSS feeds, to which only paid users can subscribe. Anybody, though, can read them through the link I’ve provided. If some incredible geek were to set up feeds or scraping or whatever the heck you call it to put the others on LJ I’d be tickled.

The daily ones that are only online and are not on LJ are first, then the daily newspaper ones, then those that don’t update daily, then the LJ stuff, and any that are on hiatus.

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