Time to Change the Oil

I am officially bored with my website. It’s been static for way too long. Some things just aren’t on my mind as much as they were at one time, others have become more important, I’m sure there are dead links, etc. It’s just stale. But that’s mostly writing and maintenance, which I can do alone.

As far as how the site looks, though, I don’t really know what I want quite yet. I just want something different. I was trying to figure out how to make my LJ page look like the rest of my website, and I realized that I didn’t really want anything to look exactly like that right now. Which is probably going to mean new graphics and maybe some other kind of layout.

sambear is my graphics guy, and he’s busy. I do not want to even think of anything that will distract him at the moment. In fact, I probably should set this entry so he can’t read it, but then he’d get suspicious or feel excluded.

I don’t create graphics (well, I can do screenshots, because you have to do that as a technical writer—but that isn’t really creating as far as I’m concerned). I can resize, crop, and rotate. I can create an image map. I can make images show up, generally where I want them to do so, on a web page. But that’s all. One of the reasons I stitch is because I absolutely cannot draw recognizable stick figures, and stitching is just about my only chance to create something visually pleasing.

The only real constructive criticism I’ve received about the site is that one section isn’t as easily navigable as it could be. I hate messing with that section. It’s about icky stuff and is there for a good reason that definitely hasn’t gone away. I’ll fix the navigation at some point, but the police asked me a few months ago not to change that part of my site at all and haven’t said that it’s okay to edit it yet, so I don’t think I should do anything at all to it for now. At least, that gives me a good excuse for the moment.

So now I go try to figure out some way to make it different without knowing how I want it to be different…

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