Clue by Four, STAT!

Another of those wackos…

Okay, I work with an online safety organization. We help people who are being harassed online. I’m glad to do it. If nothing else, these people know that they aren’t alone.

BUT—I do get tired of the nutcases. People who want to whine about harassment every single time somebody disagrees with them on usenet, or a web-based forum, or on a mailing list. Or people who put out stuff that anybody with enough working synapses to chew gum should know WILL attract a whole lot of propositions, some of them worded crudely, and then get pissy because, ohmigod, they got some propositions!

I’m polyamorous and pagan. There’s nothing sexy on my web site, and there never has been. Anybody reading what I have written there about polyamory would pretty quickly twig to the fact that not only am I not currently looking for lovers, but that if I were looking for anybody, it wouldn’t be a casual fuck.

And I get wannafuck messages anyway, from the clueless wonders who assume that all bi, poly pagans are, of course, completely licentious and unable to resist having sex with absolutely any and all creatures who come into our orbit. I generally just delete them. They aren’t honestly worth the time it would take to respond to them.

So anyway, this chick puts up a website about the “sensual therapy” she offers. And then she adds personal pages, linked from the main site, with her personal ad. She’s seeking men, women, or couples for poly relationships. I think she said something in there about BDSM, too. She offers a laundry list of ways to reach her—instant messaging programs, email, etc.

And then she gets all pissy about every wannafuck she gets! And she makes another page on the site, where she lists every single unpleasant email/message she has gotten in response to her bitchy replies to these people. And just for kicks, she throws in every message sent in response to her ad by someone who did not, in her judgment, fit her criteria. And she talks about how all these people are dreadful harassers and gives names, email addresses, ICQ and other messaging client identifiers, phone numbers sometimes—whatever she knows about these people.

And then she wants a link from our organization’s website!

Unfortunately, I’m not allowed to respond with a clue-by-four. But I’m hoping the organization’s president will.

I’m not just annoyed by her cluelessness and hypocrisy—I’m annoyed because every time somebody like her starts making lots of noise about “oh! help, help, I’m being stalked!” it makes it more likely that real harassment isn’t taken seriously by someone who encountered an idiot like her. GAH!

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