My Baby? Not Really, Now :-(

Sat­ur­day night, shad­owkatt got a real treat — ga_sunshine took her to see They Might Be Giants at the Vari­ety Play­house. There was one lit­tle hitch. For some rea­son, it was declared an adults-only (16 and up, maybe?) show.  Hon­est­ly, our kids have been lis­ten­ing to TMBG for years. I could­n’t see any harm in […]

New Liaden Fan

Katie began read­ing Part­ners in Neces­si­ty, the first Liaden Uni­verse omnibus, last night. The child who has zero inter­est in read­ing sci­ence fic­tion stayed with the book until she could­n’t real­ly keep her eyes open last night, then popped out of bed far ear­li­er than I expect­ed this morn­ing to start read­ing again. She’s enthralled. […]

Happy Birthday, Katie!

My baby girl was born on this day 12 years ago. She’s down­stairs play­ing Pen­drag­on at the moment. I’m tick­led that she’s hav­ing fun with most of her friends, and I’m so proud of my girl in so many ways. Hap­py Birth­day, Katie! I love you! (The pic­ture is actu­al­ly from spring of 2001—I don’t have […]

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