The Process

I’m work­ing on the first draft of my ver­sion of our “rules of engage­ment” for inter­act­ing with oth­er SOs. sam­bear is going to cre­ate his own ver­sion. Then we’ll work on bring­ing them into one cohe­sive doc­u­ment on which we’re in con­sen­sus. That doc­u­ment will be freely shared with any­one who is mov­ing towards being […]

Poly Introverts?

ARRRRGHHH! I wrote this long thing about being a poly intro­vert using the LJ web inter­face. And the brows­er decid­ed it could­n’t find the serv­er (a com­mon error every evening, as I’m learn­ing), and then it was just—gone. Gone gone gone. Sam tells me this is the rea­son to use the client you down­load to […]

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