Should You WHAT?

Okay, I fin­ished the book. One of the last chap­ters is enti­tled “Should you ever become involved with a sex­u­al offend­er?” There’s a case study of a moth­er who has start­ed dat­ing some­one and then he tells her that he’s a sex offend­er and in a treat­ment pro­gram. My imme­di­ate answer to the chap­ter title, […]


Sur­pris­ing­ly, I’m almost fin­ished with a book I start­ed read­ing last night, Pro­tect­ing Your Chil­dren from Sex­u­al Preda­tors by Dr. Leigh Bak­er. I picked it up on a whim because it was on the new releas­es shelf at the library. Hon­est­ly, I don’t usu­al­ly get far in such books, because they start get­ting into material […]

Onion Girl

I’m still up, hop­ing sam­bear will get home some­time while it’s still today. Yes, he’s still at the office. This is the price for tak­ing two “vaca­tion days” to cel­e­brate his birth­day tomor­row and Fri­day. I fin­ished Onion Girl by Charles de Lint today. I’m glad I did. When I real­ized that it deals with […]

Just Stuff

Last night, two rac­coons actu­al­ly knocked on the glass of the door to reg­is­ter their com­plaints about the lack of crit­ter crunch or peanuts for them. sam­bear pur­chased new coon food today and the kids put it out before we had din­ner this evening. So now two coons are out there again, eat­ing. And eating. […]

Great Gaming, Disappointing Book

I’m buzzed from gam­ing with Bren­da and sam­bear, which is always a rush. It just works so well. But I have a PC to rebuild for a friend in the morn­ing and I need to get some sleep so it won’t take a ridicu­lous amount of time and I’m less like­ly to do some­thing stupid. […]

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