Road Trip Essentials

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Plinky said, “List your must-haves for a suc­cess­ful road trip.”

road trip

Assum­ing you’ve already got a reli­able vehi­cle, the most impor­tant thing is good com­pa­ny — some­one who under­stands that the jour­ney is at least as impor­tant as the des­ti­na­tion, some­one who can hap­pi­ly fol­low the sur­pris­es that come up on a real road trip.

Next is good music. With­out that, you are sunk. One of the great things about good com­pa­ny is that you can make your own good music in a pinch, and that’s how we used to do it before we had CDs and MP3 play­ers with which to car­ry many GBs of tunes around.

Next, a cool­er filled with drinks. You get thirsty in the car, and its cheap­er and more con­ve­nient to just take your own water bot­tles and sodas along. Tak­ing healthy snacks with you is advis­able, too. You can skip this step in a pinch, but it’s more expen­sive to trav­el with­out them.

Final­ly, a cou­ple of changes of clothes and your tooth­brush. Pack light­ly, because you don’t go on road trips to look glam­orous. You go on them to have fun, peri­od.

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