The Spoon Theory

Go read The Spoon Theory. I don’t care if you have any kind of chronic illness or not – you know someone who does, and you need to read it. Thank you, redcub. Thank you very much!

Security, Posts and Time

How has your use of LJ—specifically of security settings on your posts—changed over time? If it has changed, anyway. I started out making mostly public posts, then went friends-only for a time. Some things were tightly-filtered—and, in fact, a couple…

Birthday Girl Tomorrow

Happy Birthday, twochicsinbham. Um, wait—it was D’s birthday recently. Is it A’s birthday now? Or is the “birthday” significant of something else? In any case, have a good one 🙂 Current Mood: 🙂happy

I Woke Up!

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On time, even. That’s something of a miracle—and a good thing, as Katie has an 8:15 appointment in Marietta. Happy Monday! Current Mood: awake

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