Geeks at Home

Hmm. If there were some sort of com­mu­ni­ty for home­­/­­fam­i­­ly-ori­en­t­ed geeks, would you par­tic­i­pate? I’m talk­ing about a place to dis­cuss things like fam­i­ly group­ware. Or how to sync mul­ti­ple PDAs so that you share fam­i­ly cal­en­dars while main­tain­ing per­son­al ones. Apply­ing tech­nol­o­gy to your per­son­al life. For the poly folks, how to coor­di­nate activ­i­ties when […]

Found the Delay

Okay. I missed class today. Not good. I’m just too exhaust­ed, already, and did­n’t get much sleep last night. I hurt hor­ri­bly, I’m nau­se­at­ed, and I have one of those vision-affec­t­ing headaches. My right hand and foot have been numb most of the day. I can’t get warm. This is nor­mal for get­ting too tired.

S.A.G.E. Test

jin­goro, I agree with you—this test seems awful­ly biased towards male/female stereo­types. I’ve nev­er had any desire to be male. I use tools, have no trou­ble read­ing maps, and am not afraid of math. I can­not see how that makes me androg­y­nous, but there you go. It thinks I look androg­y­nous too, though. S.A.G.E. Test […]

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